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Youth and Young Adult Council Leader

Baba Uchenna was born to Nigerian and Trinidadian parents. He was raised in the tradition of Orisa and Abosum practices. He was a member of the Yoruba Temple under the leadership of Mother Pamela Taylor for the first ten years of his life. He is initiated into the Mourning Ground and took two thrones – the first one being when his mother was four months pregnant with him. He undertook the Mourning Ground Ritual again at the age of 8. His commitment and service in the Mourning Ground Ritual has spanned almost his entire life.


In 2003, Baba Uchenna journeyed to Trinidad and under leadership of Mother Norma, he was consecrated to Oya and was also “marked” to be initiated to Sango. He was a member of the Temple Nyame for over 18 years.


In 2007, Baba Uchenna was initiated to the sacred knife society. In 2008, he was consecrated to the Trinidadian Orisa drums and has trained under Baba Kayode Nelson and took advanced training under Baba Richard Corridon of Trinidad and Tobago.

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